Collecting Bronze Coins

I’ve just begun my adventures around Eltnen Fortress. I grabbed as many quests as I could see and headed out to work on my checklist. As I finished a few and turned them in, I realized that Ferenna had given me 11,000 experience and a Bronze Coin for completing Fortress Beasts and it was repeatable. The quest has you kill 10 Crimsontail Plumas, 13 Manduri Gatherers (which sound disturbingly like cute kittens when you fight them), and 13 Manduri Hunters. I had received an Iron Coin for a previous quest but never bothered looking into what that was for. I was fully committed to shrugging this one off as well until I grouped up with a guildie of mine, Hypnotik, who mentioned he was repeating this quest for the coins. After a couple of runs, and the addition of another guildie, Slurms, into this repeating fun, I figured I had to fess up and so I asked what the coins were for.

It turns out if you read things that NPCs say, you really learn a lot. Apparently these coins can be exchanged for rewards from certain NPC officers. Ferenna not only gives out the repeatable quest and rewards you with a coin, but also allows you to turn in coins for a mysterious random item when you collect 3 and 6 of these coins. However her items are only useable by the Warrior and Scout based classes. A few steps to the left was another NPC, I think his name was Atro, and although he did not give out the quest, he did give out items to the Priest based classes and I would assume for Mage based ones as well (but when I spoke to him he only mentioned Priest but perhaps he is smart enough to realize I am a Priest based class and therefore did not mention the other). I received a decent pair of gloves for my first 3 coins. He’ll also give out another mystery-reward when I’ve collected another 6 so I plan on doing that this evening. I’ve been told that I’m embarrassingly behind in my gear so hopefully this helps in 2 areas.

I am curious as to what I could have received with my Iron Coins had I bothered to collect them, but not enough to go back and check it out. At least I won’t be wasting the Bronze Coin opportunity and I can only assume there will be coin quests as I move on to other areas as well and, thanks to guildies who pay attention, I won’t miss out on those.



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5 responses to “Collecting Bronze Coins

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  2. I’ve actually been a bit disappointed in the coin rewards. They sound all cool (“Asmodian/Elyos Rank # Soldier “), but their stats are on par with white items of a level below. I suppose the additional Manastone socket offsets the loss by a bit, but they still feel underpowered somehow.

    If you can swing it, Armorsmithing will provide far more powerful gear (the white-quality pieces alone are pretty good, and any HQ procs are sure to please). The challenge, of course, is to see if you can find fun pastimes to burn through the long skill-up time requisites without losing your sanity. Crafting is a little mind-numbing, but the rewards are well worth it – especially if you have other work to do in tandem!

  3. Yep, a few of my guildies received some odd rewards (like my assasin buddy who received a polearm for his 6 coin turn in).

    Thanks for the advice. It sounds like giving an armorsmith some business is better all around.

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  5. First-rate writing. You have earned a new regular reader. Please keep up the great work and I look forward to more of your newsworthy writings.

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