A quick update on my Aioning:  I was working on a scavenger hunt list for my guild and I decided on Poeta as the location so that guildies of all levels can attend and it’s smaller so it’s a good first hunt location. Instead of using up mobs for no experience to make up my list of collectibles, I decided to get some alts through to level 10. I now have a Spiritmaster, Templar, Sorceress and almost an Assassin. I have no idea what I will do with them, but it still seems more productive than going through with my main and having nothing to show for it.

It felt really good to go get out of Poeta and grind out some Theo-Harpies on my main last night.

Anyway, The point of this post is to post a formal “moving on over” notice. You’ve probably noticed that I sometimes doublepost on Multiplaying and I’ve decided to simply consolidate the effort by writing over there.

I haven’t written much over there yet, but here’s where my list will be:


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